About Me

I have loved Photography as long as I can remember. I do not feel there is one type of photography I like any more than another. I Find Beauty in Everything I Look at. I recently Graduated with My Photography certificate from Eastern Florida State College in Cocoa, Florida. I am using this blog to try to show my style of photography and show some of my adventures in this life. I work hard and try to take moments of each day to see something different. I try to travel at least once  a year to see new things and try to capture that different shot.. I hope you enjoy my blog, always looking for advice, comments and positive input, CRITIQUES ARE WELCOMED TOO !!! Always willing to learn and grow …. Holly Stephens




9 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. JoAnn Williams said:

    I look forward to hearing about everything you learn in this class. Enjoy!


  2. I can’t wait to see what wonderment fills your cameras lens. I am sure you will capture the best that can be. Good luck in your class. The page looks GREAT !!


  3. You will do great because you are awesome!!!!


  4. CARMEN n NINO said:

    Holly we are very proud of you, and we know you are going to do great. Looking forward to see your Portfolio. Love you.


  5. My beautiful friend , I am so happy for your new venture with your eye and creativity everything you touch , this blog along with your amazing pictures will be magical.


  6. i know this is what you do best !!! looking forward to seeing all of the great photos you will take


  7. Michelle Delerme said:

    I have seen your photos and every progress you have made with every class, I am so proud of you. Your style is unique and I know you will find the style you love the most. I do however love the black and white they seem timeless. keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing more….


  8. Deanna Miller said:

    You will continue to do great work. I will definitely be following your work.


  9. Holly, hi! Just seen you ‘liked’ a bunch of my recent posts. For some reason I assumed you were having downtime, but now I’ve checked and it’s just that I’m not get notifications… I’ll sign up again! RH


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