About Me

I have loved Photography as long as I can remember. I do not feel there is one type of photography I like any more than another. I Find Beauty in Everything I Look at. I recently Graduated with My Photography certificate from Eastern Florida State College in Cocoa, Florida. I am using this blog to try to show my style of photography and show some of my adventures in this life. I work hard and try to take moments of each day to see something different. I try to travel at least once  a year to see new things and try to capture that different shot.. I hope you enjoy my blog, always looking for advice, comments and positive input, CRITIQUES ARE WELCOMED TOO !!! Always willing to learn and grow …. Holly Stephens




10 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. JoAnn Williams said:

    I look forward to hearing about everything you learn in this class. Enjoy!


  2. I can’t wait to see what wonderment fills your cameras lens. I am sure you will capture the best that can be. Good luck in your class. The page looks GREAT !!


  3. You will do great because you are awesome!!!!


  4. CARMEN n NINO said:

    Holly we are very proud of you, and we know you are going to do great. Looking forward to see your Portfolio. Love you.


  5. My beautiful friend , I am so happy for your new venture with your eye and creativity everything you touch , this blog along with your amazing pictures will be magical.


  6. i know this is what you do best !!! looking forward to seeing all of the great photos you will take


  7. Michelle Delerme said:

    I have seen your photos and every progress you have made with every class, I am so proud of you. Your style is unique and I know you will find the style you love the most. I do however love the black and white they seem timeless. keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing more….


  8. Deanna Miller said:

    You will continue to do great work. I will definitely be following your work.


  9. Holly, hi! Just seen you ‘liked’ a bunch of my recent posts. For some reason I assumed you were having downtime, but now I’ve checked and it’s just that I’m not get notifications… I’ll sign up again! RH


    • Hi, I had not been on here for a while trying to catch up..or maybe even just start going. No excuses but I have Fibromialgia and I work, been exhausted.. More than you would care to know I feel but I love ALL your posts… you are so informative and great photos always. I know you put alot of time and work into your posts.. I was trying to just get my photos out there to see if anyone would like them, Alot of people, alot of amazing photos and posts, it’s overwhelming sometimes so I just post when I get the time just one small person in a huge world of Talent !!! Have a great day !!!


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